March 25 From Cuatro Ciénegas to Arteaga

Quaternary evaporitic eolian deposits in a continental endorheic basin. One of the most driest landscapes of Mexico. The tectonic origin of the gypsum is halokinesis.

March 26 From Arteaga to Linares

Mountainous terranes and plates from paleogenic tectonic deformation of Mesozoic sedimentary layers at Sierra Madre Oriental. Features of fluvial dissections due to very fast erosion rates inside in the river valleys!

March 27 From Linares to San Luis Potosí

Inside of a big polje, a karstic natural depression in the transitional zone of the Sierra Madre Oriental

March 28 From San Luis Potosí to Jalpan

Small planar karstic depressions (poljes) are present in the Cretaceous Carbonated Platform, just in the middle of “The Carso-Huasteco Province”.

March 29 From Jalpan to Querétaro

Transition from Carso Huasteco to TMVB

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