Instructions for presenters


  • The presentation must be made in Power Point ver 10 or PDF
  • Presentations should be received by the in the registration desk before 8:00 am
  • The time allocated for each oral presentation is 15 minutes, immediately followed by a 5 minutes for questions and comments. The time will be strictly controlled. A “Warning signal” will be given after 10 minutes to the speaker.


  • Poster boards will have a space of 90 × 120 cm (width × height). Please use fonts at least 5 mm high, so that they can be easily read at 2 m distance. The title must be written in letters at least 30 mm high. Please use figures, tables, maps and relevant photos to the objectives of the meeting.
  • Posters should be placed between 8:00-9:00 of the day of your session. Each poster is assigned to a marked board. Authors are expected to be present by their poster during the core time of their session as an oral presentation of 5 minutes. The poster must be removed after finishing the poster session at the evening. We will provide material for attaching your poster.
  • The conference abstracts will be published in an electronic format.